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LED Jack-O-Lanterns for Halloween Decoration

LED Jack-O-Lanterns for Halloween Decoration

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It is designed to maximize your overall wellness. Regulate the humidity in your home and diffuse 100% natural oils for safe, healthy air quality that will help you feel good in every moment.

The flame diffuser is a convenient and unique way to benefit from the myriad benefits of essential oils and your favorite perfume. It doesn’t only make your setup look much better and makes everyone ask you where you got it but it also helps you relax after a long day and brings new energy and freshness into your room.


Use eye-catching, scary LED pumpkin lights for a fun, fresh take on fall home decor.

A new Way to Decorate this Fall

For your Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Autumn gatherings with friends and family, they have you covered. These adorable pumpkin lights, which are arranged with artificial leaves and spider webs, will cast a special spell when placed on cupboards and shelves in the dark to set the decor this Halloween.

Built in Batteries for Lifelong Use

3D LED pumpkin lights are mainly made of resin material, featuring fine craftsmanship, an exquisite appearance, clear printing patterns, rounded edges, and a strong sense of three-dimensionality. Built-in small batteries included are especially made to last a long time while you add a unique spooky glow to every party.

Perfect Spooky Display Everywhere

Perfect for everyday home table decorations, gardens, fences, patios, bedrooms, and other locations, these mini-Pumpkin lights create a ghostly and fun look in addition to Halloween themed parties, haunted house events, hilarious events, etc.

Best and Easy Decor Forever

These pumpkin-shaped Jack-o-lanterns are the ideal complement to your Halloween decor and will undoubtedly have a party or special supper more enjoyable. By turning on the button at their bottom, these LED pumpkins are rather simple to use and can be gently switched on.

Why You Should Have It:

  • High Quality Material
  • Charming Lights
  • Halloween Decoration
  • Wide Application
  • Perfect Gift

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Realistic flame look

Add a unique touch to your space and create an ambient lighting effect with this gorgeous Flame Diffuser. Featuring a real flame look that generates no heat, the flame moves and flickers like real fire, and creates a calming environment.

You can add up to 200ml of water, which gives our device a long humidification time.

Helps you improve your mood and focus

Our flame diffuser is a convenient and elegant way to benefit from the myriad benefits of essential oils. The 100% natural fragrances help you to relax after a long day or bring new energy and freshness into your home. If you are longing for more calm, energy or focus, then our diffusers and essential oils are guaranteed to be the right choice for you.

  • Eye-catching simulation Flame Effect

    Enjoy a realistic-looking flame that looks like a small fireplace. It will make your room cool

  • Compatible with Essential Oils

    Essential Oils are an affordable, versatile, and convenient way to improve your health and quality of life

  • Intelligent Power-Off

    Once your diffuser runs out of water, the built-in smart chip will atuomatically turn it off


IS this Battery operated?

USB powered, no battery required.

Does this emit cool or warm air?

There is no heating function for this unit. The air is cool or room temperature

Does it shut off automatically?

Yes, it shuts off as soon as the water is empty.

Does this have a filter that needs to be changed?

It does come with the water cube to keep the water free from bacteria. (if you have soft water
you do not need a filter)

Can you turn off the light function but have the mist on?

You certainly can, it has this functionality.