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Fruit Fragrance Essential Oils Set - 10ml

Fruit Fragrance Essential Oils Set - 10ml

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Invigorate your senses with the bright and plentiful notes of the Fruit Fragrance Essential Oils Set. With a harvest of citrusy essential oils, this set is like basking in the aromas of your personal orchard. Whether you adore notes of citrus or want to put some pep in your step, this set is a fruitful pick. Get the oils you love without compromising on cost. This bundle has already been discounted to make you and your wallet happy!

Fresh Fruit Fragrance Oils:

This essential oils set includes 3 joyful and uplifting oils that will evoke a refreshing atmosphere in your home. This set also has different flavors; they are coconut, mango, banana, watermelon, strawberry, cherry, passion fruit, and many more. It has a lovely, sweet, exotic fruit aroma that can create a pleasant and long-lasting aroma!

Pure and Safe:

When it comes to purity, we make no exceptions. The fruity essential oils are made using only natural extracts without relying on any additives, fillers, or artificial fragrances. To ensure the integrity each drop of oil remains entirely intact, all of our oils are packaged in dark glass bottles to prevent light from creeping in.

Premium Diffuser/Humidifier Oils:

Add drops of the fruit oils into your diffusers or humidifiers for a pleasant, fresh, and smell-good atmosphere this season in your bedroom, living room, bathroom, or your cars. Our easy, cost-saving sets help you get the most out of your essential oils.

DIY Scented Necessaries:

The fruit fragrance oils are also highly recommended for candle soap making: easy to mix and blend, work well with soy waxes, are water-soluble, and are safe for the skin. You can enjoy the DIY course with your family with these long-lasting aromatherapy oils.

Benefits Of Using These Essential Oils:

  • Absorbed easily by the body
  • Help improve life happiness index
  • Add moisture and pleasant scent into the air
  • Cover the smoky or doggie odors
  • Freshen the air, make the whole room smells amazing

Quality Assurance: 

We believe in earning your trust and loyalty. That's why our “Fruit Fragrance Essential Oils Set” is the finest in the industry, surpassing all other brands out there. Moreover, We ensure that the products you receive from us are made of high-quality materials and are free of defects. If you're unsatisfied with its quality, Simply send them back to us and we will refund you in full. 

Why You Have It:

  • 100% Pure 10ml Essential Aromatherapy oils
  • No Additives, No Fillers, just pure Essential Oil. 
  • Unwavering commitment to the highest quality products
  • Perfect Essential Oils set for Aromatherapy oils, Oil for diffusers, Humidifier oils, Oil Burners, Spa, and Air Purifier
  • Each essential oil comes in 10ml amber brown bottles. This will keep the oils fresh and help against light degradation
  • Wonderful Essential oils gift set option, which is fashionable enough and would be wonderful to send to family or friends
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