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FLAT 50% OFF - Original Volcano diffuser

FLAT 50% OFF - Original Volcano diffuser

Welcome Clean air to Your Home Adding Warmth, Peace and Aroma with Flaming Hot Volcano Eruption Air Humidifier.

Why You Should Buy it:

  • 2 working modes (Flame Mode and dual mode)
  • Ultra-quite operation for Healthy sound Night Sleep
  • Relieve stress with Aromatherapy Function
  • Essential oil diffuser for a fragmented surrounding
  • Ultrafine Mist dispersal, purify and add moisture to the Air 
  • Super smart Power On / Off
  • Automatic Turn Off when water is consumed up
  • Easy to Setup, Clean, and Refill
  • Environmentally safe and Child-friendly 


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Freshness and Moisture in the Air

Protecting you against bacteria and dust that linger in the air forever, this Volcano-style humidifier that allows you to breathe comfortably, prevent dry nostrils and patchy skin by adding just the right amount of moisture to the air. With its ultrafine mist, which penetrates your body with oxygen and allows you to fully enjoy healthy respiration, you can treat asthma or allergies.

Oil and Fragrance Diffuser with Volcano Effect

When essential oil drops or fragrance is added into the clean water, a new sensation penetrates into the air flow that creates a Mystic, pleasant and welcoming environment.
High Quality Ultrasonic Atomization technology when combined with Light and glow produces a great effect of burning flame and smoke, relaxing to watch for hours at a stretch.

Environmentally Friendly and Durable

Designed with Best Quality ABS/ PP plastic along with Silicone, it is made to last forever, with un heat able auto turn off capability and timer to help you define your home pattern. 

Easy to clean with detachable parts, Refill and Operate with three buttons and 2 modes, switchable with one click you can create a healthy atmosphere for you and your family to be placed in living, bedroom, study or office by presenting to your friends.

How to Use:

How to Use:

1. Short press the left button firstly to turn on volcano mode.

short press the left button secondly to turn on the flame mode.

short press the left button thirdly to turn off all functions.

2. Short press the middle button firstly to turn on the light breathing mode; short press the middle button secondly to turn off the light.

3.Short press the right button firstly, timing for 2H; short press the right button secondly; timing for 8H; short press thirdly, enter the long spray ON mode.

4.In any mode, the item will automatically shut down when the water used up.


Power: 12W
Voltage: DC24V/0.5A
Flame mode: 20-30ml/h
Volcano mode: 5-10ml/h
Water tank capacity: 360ml
High frequency ultrasonic: 2.4MHZ
Product size: 138* 138* 108mm
Main material: ABS/PP / electronic components
Voltage (V):24V
Power Type:A.C. Source
Humidity Control:Touch-tone


What quantiy of water does the flame diffuser hold?

It can hold more than 360ML of water. You can also drop 3-5 essential oil in it.

Do I need diffuser oils with this?

No, not at all. Works beautifully just as a simple humidifier.

Can you use cologne in this?

Yes you can, however with the consistency of cologne vs the oil, you burn about 3 times the amount.

Can the color of the flame be changed?

Yes with the dual mode you can change the color to blue or orange.

Can this be used with a USB battery pack or must be plugged into the wall?

Currently, the flame diffuser only supports USB power supply, no battery included.