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4 IN 1 Wireless Charger For Android/Ios

4 IN 1 Wireless Charger For Android/Ios

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Gone is the headache of managing cables that inevitably break or get lost.

The convenience of being able to pick up the phone, answer a call, and plop it back to charge without fiddling with cables can’t be overstated. Luckily, we are offering a “4 IN 1 Wireless Charger For Android/Ios” that is the right solution for no-fuss refueling. It is a stylish and high-quality multi-functional wireless charging station for multiple devices.

3-in-1 Wireless Charging Station:

The wireless charger adopts the latest Qi wireless technology, equipped with a 3-in-1 fast wireless charger, digital alarm clock and adjustable night light with 3 different modes, a smart watch and headphone storage charging station, and phone support function.

Say Adieu to Clutter:

No need to keep track of multiple cords and cables, which often get lost or broken. This single mobile wireless charger replaces them all, making wireless charging a popular choice for travel tech. Lay your phone on the charger whenever you have a few minutes to give its battery life a quick boost.

3 Night Light Modes:

This wireless charging station features a light that comes in 3 different colors of light: warm light, natural light, and cool light. And it also comes with touch control. Press and hold the switch to gradually increase or decrease the brightness. The soft night light creates a safe and comfortable environment for babies and adults to relax, sleep, work, travel, study, meditate, have family, and more.

Digital Alarm Clock & Phone Holder:

Wireless charging station with digital alarm clock offers 4 clock display modes: clock setting mode, 12/24hours setting mode, alarm setting mode, and date setting mode. In addition, using a smart chip and Built-in battery gives the alarm clock memory function.

Adaptive Wireless Charging:

15W charging mode is for iPhone 13/13 Pro/13 Mini/13 Pro Max/12 8w iphone11/XS/XR/X/8 with the latest iOS System; 10W charging mode is compatible with S21/S20/Note 10/10 Plus/S10/S10 Plus/S10E and so on; 5W charging mode works on Any Qi-enabled devices like Google Pixel 3/3XL/4XL and other Qi-enabled phones, iPhone charging station.

Quality Assurance: 

We believe in earning your trust and loyalty. That's why our “4 IN 1 Wireless Charger For Android/Ios” is the finest in the industry, surpassing all other brands out there. Moreover, We ensure that the products you receive from us are made of high-quality materials and are free of defects. If you're unsatisfied with its quality, simply send them back to us and we will refund you in full. 

What Will You Love about This Charging Station:

✔️ It is a multifunctional 15W fast wireless charger that improves your work efficiency.

✔️ Lets you enjoy the pleasure of 360° wireless charging.

✔️ Easy Snooze Feature

✔️ Detachable storage box

✔️ Digital Alarm Clock with 12/24 Hour Clock

✔️ Save adapter

✔️ Easy to carry

✔️ Touch Switch

✔️ No Wear and Tear

✔️ No-Risk of Overheating

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