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360 Degree Tablet Stand for Bed

360 Degree Tablet Stand for Bed

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Save your neck and shoulders from muscle strain with this comfort-friendly tablet stand.

It’s hard to fall asleep before you watch your favorite TV series’s newest episode or watch a YouTube video and we know that it’s a hassle holding your tablet while you’re just trying to relax and sometimes your second pillow doesn’t fit the job description. Therefore, we are introducing a 360 Degree Tablet Stand for Bed to have entertainment,  and of course for people that want to get a little work done in the bed.

Committed to Connecting:

A sturdy mechanical aluminum arm stand is ready with a super-sturdy spring to hold up more weight. You don’t need to use your arms when watching a tablet or phone in bed. The maximum loading capacity for the stand is 1500g. It also improves your ergonomic situation: safety, comfort, ease of use, and productivity.


Adjustable & Versatile:

This tablet arm stands with four joints, which are completely adjustable and you can rotate it 360-degree. It may be used on a vertical surface like a headboard or used inside a horizontal surface like a desk. The arm can be easily bendable and you can flip the holder to the most comfortable viewing position whether you are standing, sitting, or in the bed.

A Subtle Degree Of Difference:

It’s quite the gadget to hold over your head at night,  it’s like having a portable TV. We designed this foldable tablet stand by keeping in mind your comfort. That's why we used top-notch material to make it epic. The base clip is protected by silicon pads that will not hurt your bed and desk.

Wide Compatibility:

it is well-matched with gadgets between 3.5 to 11 inches. This stand is capable of mounting iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPad Pro, or/and all tablets & all iPhones & Amazon Kindle Fire & Nintendo Switch also.

Stable & Easy Installation:

The metal structure of the tablet stand is much more stable than other curved stands. The screen of your devices will not shake violently when you touch it in bed. You don’t need any tools, it could be broadly settled to a bed edge, table, bookcase, or any surface as much as 52mm thick. It’s simple but looks great.

Quality Assurance: 

We believe in earning your trust and loyalty. That's why our “360 Degree Tablet Stand for Bed” is the finest in the industry, surpassing all other brands out there. Moreover, We ensure that the products you receive from us are made of high-quality materials and are free of defects. If you're unsatisfied with its quality, Simply send them back to us and we will refund you in full. 

Why You Have It:

✔️ The first tablet arm stand in the world with 4 joints

✔️ Fully adjustable and 360-degree rotatable.

✔️ It is stable and easy to bend. It will not shake.

✔️ It can be used on a vertical surface like a headboard or used on a horizontal surface like a desk.

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